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How to Advertise

It's all free! No catch! Go on, fill ya boots!

There are 4 ways in which to advertise with us, detailed below. All you have to do is download our submissions form here, which gives you all the information you need on what to submit and how to do it.

1) FRONT PAGE NEWS  This is our homepage; the first page people see when they log on to our site. You can put anything on here; advertise a new range / service / exhibition / venture etc. etc. We will allow up to 15 posts on this page with a maximum word count of 100. Posts are displayed for a minimum of 1 month (unless you specify that you would like the post removed beforehand).

2) BIOGS PAGE  For people who want to know a bit about you. Includes a picture of you or your business logo with a 150 word description of you, your history and your venture.

3) LINKS PAGE  For quick reference. Listing of links to your website or email contact, with a maximum of 20 words description of what you do, eg. Freelance administrators.

4) WORK DISPLAYS  A piece of work with contact details. Display your art under one of the following categories: Art / Photography / Poetry / Written Work / Other Stuff.

Download Submissions Form (Please return to

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