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Natalie Guest - All Round Entertainer - 

My name is Nat and I was born in Croydon but I feel like I have lived pretty much everywhere else since then. I now live in my friend’s spare room by the sea in Portreath & I feel like a student again with my bad photos and posters on my blue walls.

I’ve written poems ever since I was a kicking and screaming teenager and now I am a kicking and screaming 26 year old I still write poems and songs and I also play guitar and sing in a band so I can scream them out loud ( I’ve never really felt like I have any ability when it comes to art/being arty but after being ill and home alone for many months I found that I really enjoy photography too. And basically I enjoy doing it, so matter do ee?!



Lucy Kemp - Jewellery by Lucy Kemp -

Jewellery by Lucy Kemp is made by me, Lucy Kemp, in my workshop in Cornwall .  Each piece is handmade using Fine Silver and Sterling Silver.  Splashes of colour are added with the use of high quality semi precious beads, freshwater pearls and my own hand made lampwork beads.  All bracelets are hallmarked as are some of the larger pendants. I am a member of Made in Cornwall , Cornwall Crafts Association and Hidden Art.  Each piece of my Jewellery is unique with no two pieces the same.

All of my pieces of jewellery are truly unique; each focal piece is made by hand so each one is always different to the last. Some of the chains are made by hand, beads are wrapped by hand, and ear wires and clasps are also made by hand.  I like to be part of my work from start to finish.


Annie B -

Annie b. was born in Staffordshire and studied art in Yorkshire and London .  Having successful careers in advertising, music and TV, she then travelled widely before coming to Cornwall where she now lives and works as an artist and illustrator.

She has developed her own unique style and language, working in oils, watercolours and chalk pastels.  Beginning with a meditation then allowing the colours to blend and flow and the magic to shine through onto the canvas.  

Annie b. exhibits around the UK and her illustrations can be seen worldwide. She has also just completed the first of a series of nine children’s books with international author Elisabeth Constantine.

Annie b.’s work is also available in print and card form in galleries and shops nationwide and through her website by mail order at


Sandra Boehner – IntoArt –

I love the beauty that comes from simplicity (like the new IPhone design). 

I really enjoy water colour and I LOVE dancing – The art of dreaming with your feet :-)

In 2005 I met my soul mate Johnny who is an absolute design wizard. We founded IntoArt, a web design agency, dedicated to helping artists to set up a classy website to showcase their work and teach them how to update it themselves.

Even though we have done websites for a variety of Cornish businesses now, at our heart of heart we’d still love to create more artists’ sites. There are such fantastic galleries and e-commerce shops out there to spotlight peoples’ work. 

So, there you have it.  I’m a fun loving artist who likes to dream with her feet, play with sleek gadgets and build websites!  Crazy.


Freya India Moses - Voodoo Magpie -

I started making bags about 4 years ago. I really don't know why I decided to make bags of all things but I enjoyed it so that was a good enough reason for me! I left college early as I was itching to go it alone in the big, bad world of fashion. As time went by my daily bag making fix was not proving enough for my creative cravings so I developed an obsession with shiny things. This then developed into an obsession with making tiaras, tutus... anything I could embellish with jewels or cover in pearls! I now lock myself away most nights in my work room drooling over gems and developing fabric fever! Welcome to the world of Voodoo Magpie!


Elle Fletcher - East 47th -

My art teacher introduced me to the wondrous realms beyond the HB pencil and incited a flow of artistic techniques that display themselves to the bottom of my wardrobe.

I started writing my first book when I was 17 (and finished it when I was 27!) and that has seen the bottom of a couple of agent's bins and found solace with the artwork in the wardrobe.

I write poetry about anything and everything which I feed to anyone and everyone.

I discovered digital photography which was great, but then I discovered Photoshop which was even better.

I couldn't choose between poetry and novels and drawing and taking pictures so it's a good job I don't have to! And now my wardrobe's full I created East 47th.


Carla Jennings Jewellery -

Growing up in Cornwall  and in an artistic home has meant that I've always had a huge interest in art and design. But, I became especially excited by jewellery design about 10 years ago. The idea of creating a unique piece of art for someone to wear fascinates me.

I've gradually developed my skills and techniques of wire-wrapping and silversmithing over the past few years, focusing mainly on combining the two styles to create designs that I hope you will find unique and elegant. I've now set myself up with a workspace in my home in Hayle and absolutely love my job as there are always new techniques and creative ideas that I want to work on. I'm especially attracted to natural materials so enjoy working with gemstones and also love the sense of movement that can be created with silver wire.


Sue Smith -

I have a keen interest in the environment, nature and the landscape around me and have been both influenced and inspired by different cultures and architecture from around the world.

This energy is directed to my work, providing me with the possibility of creating unique and individual pieces of work, whilst helping to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us.

My mosaics are designed for use in the garden, using water resistant flexible glues and grouts, working the recycled stained glass directly onto the mirrors to give better reflection and depth of colour, making the glass change shade in different lights and at different angles.  They can be used as wall panels – as a feature among climbing plants or be placed in a gloomy corner – adding light, interest and creating a hint of “The Secret Garden” behind.


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