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Laurie Magowan - 2008


New jewellery range launched!
East 47th's very own beaded necklace and bracelet sets. They're strung on wire so that they hang round rather than into your cleavage, are handmade and unique and a SNIP at just 10 for a set. They make fabulous presents; tied together with a little ribbon - and let's face it, who doesn't love bright shiny cheerful stuff? To see the current range click here.



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dirty and wrong - New and Exciting Clothing Range! 

What do fry-ups, seagulls, cider and my mate Natalie all have in common? They're all dirty and wrong. And it doesn't end there; sewage in seas, fly tipping, Stella, politicians... the list is endless and we quite enjoy thinking of additions to it.

OK so I may be biased considering this is the work of myself and boyfriend, Dale. But people are wearing our clothes and the phrase 'You're' is banded around my (non dirty and wrong related) office as often as the phrase 'overworked and underpaid'. And that's often.

We're creating pullover hoodies, zip-up hoodies, vest tops and t-shirts at present in a few carefully chosen colours. Have a look at Read what we think is dirty and wrong and prepare to make your own statement!


The Locals Only - Wear Your Opinions!

The Locals Only is a new clothing brand aimed at those people who can spout the crazy statistics on all things Cornish (you know who you are). And that's real Cornish, not 'I've lived here for most of my life' Cornish.

If you were born at Treliske you'll love this stuff; equally if you get sick of sharing the sea / sand / shops and pubs with the masses of fair-weather descendants you'll probably enjoy making these bold but amusing statements too.

Whilst controversial, with slogans such as 'Burn the Tamar' emblazoned over some items, The Locals Only 'locals' are exercising blatancy with a tongue in cheek slant. So rather than encouraging you to actually set the Tamar Bridge alight, they'd prefer you to check out their range at and buy something instead. It's at least slightly more subtle, and fuels the creative fires of these budding entrepreneurs, which cannot be a bad thing. We hope.


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