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East 47th is based in Cornwall and was initially set up to unearth and share the artwork lots of us have hanging around – on display, in portfolios, or at the bottom of our wardrobes!

East 47th is the creative ‘virtual place to be’ whether you want to sell your work or service or just want others to see it.

Most websites that display artwork are extremely selective, inciting that ‘last one to be picked for the school rounders team’ feeling of rejection! We at East 47th appreciate that everyone has different tastes and we would love to see everything on here; from doodles on napkins and graffiti, to installations and gallery / published pieces. The only circumstances in which we will be exclusive is if something is submitted that we don’t consider ‘art’. I.e. you can’t advertise your firm of financial advisors or your chip shop with us! If you like something send it in, chances are someone else will too!

In exceptional circumstances we may consider worthy charities or organisations we / you really like for a ‘not art but still good’ page!

Advertise with us or browse our pages for bits and pieces that you may not see anywhere else!

So why should you advertise with East 47th? Well, you advertise with us and we advertise you and your work to everyone else! We have continual advertising drives and regular mailshots to galleries, writing institutions and everyone else who’s anyone.

If you are reading this you can be sure you’re not the only one!

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